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13 septembre, 2012

Late 2013 could see bison reintroduction

Rob Alexander, for Rocky Mountain Outlook

"...if all of the elements fall into place over the next year, including an environmental assessment, Parks Canada is tentatively eyeing bringing plains bison back to the Rocky Mountains of Banff National Park by late 2013 or early 2014, according to Tracey LeBlanc, partnering and engagement officer for the Banff Field Unit." Read full story...


28 janvier, 2012

Banff: Where buffalo will roam again

Editorial by the Edmonton Journal

If Mother Nature offered mankind a do-over in North America, reversing the eradication of the majestic plains bison might well be near the top of the list. Read it here...


28 janvier, 2012

Peter Kent announces plans for bison in Banff

Introducing bison back into the Yukon proves to be too successful Parks Canada says it believes bison can be successfully reintroduced into Banff National Park. Read more on CBC News...


27 janvier, 2012

Canada has announced they will reintroduce the Plains Bison back to Banff. Watch on Global News..


27 janvier, 2012

Bill Macfarlane reports from Banff - (article and video on the right). Watch on CTV Calgary...


27 janvier, 2012

The Denver Post is talking about the return of Bison in Banff National by putting up Parks Canada Press Release. Read it here...

See also in the Business Insider Clusterstok out of Silicon Valley,, The San Francisco Chronicle, Renewable Energy,, Nation's Restaurant News, and


27 janvier, 2012

Parks Canada moves to bring plains bison back to Banff park

By: Rob Alexander, for the Calgary Herald

BANFF - A public consultation process as part of a plan to reintroduce plains bison to Banff National Park is set to begin immediately.

Federal Environment Minister Peter Kent said Friday during the announcement at the Banff Park Museum National Historic Site that the consultation process will allow Parks Canada to develop a plan to return plains bison to its natural habitat in the Rocky Mountains. Watch the TV news and Read full article and comments from readers...


27 janvier, 2012

Parks Canada plans to bring Bison back to Banff

By: David Boushy, Global Calgary

Environment Minister Peter Kent says it's time they returned. "With the eventual reintroduction of the Plains Bison, we also re-connect a species that was once on the verge of extinction to a habitat where it had previously ranged for thousands of years," says Kent. Read more,Watch the TV report on minute 14:20 and please respond to the brief survey on the Global Calgary website...


27 janvier, 2012

Les bisons pourraient être réintroduits dans le parc national de Banff

En savoir plus a Radio-Canada...


27 janvier, 2012

Bison Belong in Banff: Go Bison!

By: by Éric Hébert-Daly [Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society]

Today, Environment Minister Peter Kent announced public consultations on the reintroduction of bison in Banff. An important first step to seeing 'the buffalo roam' where they used to. We welcome this announcement. Read more...


27 janvier, 2012

Bison Belong congratulates Parks Canada

Bison Belong congratulates Parks Canada for taking an important step towards the return of wild bison in Banff National Park. This morning Canada's Federal Minister of the Environment, the Honourable Peter Kent, announced the launch of the public consultation for the re-introduction of an iconic native species, the plains bison in Banff National Park. Wild bison roamed free in this landscape for thousands of years but have been absent from the park since its creation.

"It is time to correct a mistake from the past and move on to a fully functioning ecosystem in the 21st century. Bison is the native grazer in the system, and it is missing." Bison Belong is glad that Parks Canada is offering to Canadians the chance to participate in an important action to restore ecological integrity to the park.

Bison Belong is coordinated by the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation based in Banff and has broad support from businesses, environmental groups and the general public. The Bison Belong community includes Ski Banff, Lake Louise, Sunshine, Coyotes, Les Francos de la Bow, the Bison Courtyard, Alberta Bison Ranch, Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, Wapiti Sports & Outfitter, Chateau Mountain Resort, the Canmore Folk Festival, CPAWS, and The Town of Canmore and many other recreational businesses and those in hospitality.

Bringing the bison back to Banff National Park is something good we can do for nature, while possibly enriching the park visitor experience.


27 janvier, 2012

Bison will be back in Banff (CTV News)

Ottawa is looking to return a familiar face to Banff National Park and is expected to be making a plan to help it stay there. Environment Minister Peter Kent will be sharing details about a public consultation process for the reintroduction of the bison into Banff. A representative with Alberta Sustainable Resources said they are welcoming the news and is very interested to see how they will keep the herds in place in the park.

Read full article and comments from readers...


26 janvier, 2012

Reintroducing plains bison to the Rocky Mountains

It appears that Parks Canada is one step closer to restoring wild, free-roaming plains bison to the Rocky Mountains. Read more in the Canmore History...


26 janvier, 2012

Wild Bison Could Once Again Roam In Banff

CBC News has learned federal Environment Minister Peter Kent is set to announce discussions on re-introducing wild bison to Banff Nation. Read more in The Huffington Post...


26 janvier, 2012

Ottawa to reintroduce iconic bison to Banff National Park

By Clara Ho, Calgary Herald.

Environment Minister Kent to lay out public consultation process. Read more and view images, also seen on The Vancouver Sun, The Ottawa Citizen, Yahoo News, and North Ontario Community News...


25 janvier, 2012

Buffalo ho! Storied plains bison on deck for Banff comeback

By Clara Ho by Post Media in The Montreal Gazette.

"...the most recent Banff National Park Management Plan from 2010 includes details on the reintroduction of the plains bison, described in the document as "a keystone species that has been absent from the park since its establishment." Read more in the Montreal Gazette, also published on


25 janvier, 2012

Alberta bison roam a new home in Montana, by Kaleigh Rogers, Globe and Mail

After more than 100 years of trying to preserve the bison in North America, conservationists are relocating 70 of the species from Canada to their ancestral home in Montana - the second such move in three years. Read more...


25 janvier, 2012

The Homestretch

Doug Dirks, host of The Homestretch, speaks with Harvey Locke, a trustee with the the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation, the group is working on getting the bison back into the wild in Banff National Park. Listen here...


25 janvier, 2012

Wild bison could once again roam in Banff

CBC News has learned that federal Environment Minister Peter Kent is set to announce discussions on reintroducing bison to Banff National Park. Read and Watch, also seen on PaNow in Prince Albert Saskatchewan, and the Digital Journal...


04 décembre 2011

Bison plan would bring history to life in the Bow Valley

Forest fires are making a comeback in Banff National Park. Can bison be far behind? "Bison was one of the key reasons that people used to (set fire) in these mountains," says Cliff White of Banff. The former science manager for the national park has been pushing for a return of the big mammals to the mountains as part of the Bison Belong initiative. Read the full story in the Calgary Herald...


24 février 2011

Bison good for Valley business, community

Restoring plains bison to its native landscapes is not only good for business, but it is also good for the community and its authenticity, an official from Jackson Hole, Wyoming told a group attending the Living with Bison presentation at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies last Friday, Feb. 18. Read the full story in the Rocky Mountain Outlook...


22 février 2011

EDITORIAL: The business of bison in a national park

Read the full editorial in the Banff Crag and Canyon

The Return of Bison

A talk on the possible return of bison shows the economic value that can come with the animal by Larissa Barlow. Read full story in the Banff Crag and Canyon...


17 février 2011

Fire, bison, humans - all elements to habitat restoration

Read the full story in the Rocky Mountain Outlook...


16 février 2011

CBC Radio Home Stretch: Banff bison

A historical foundation in Banff is proposing that a bison herd be brought back into the National Park. Listen to the radio interview by Harvey Locke...


14 février 2011

Return of bison to Banff could eventually spur hunt by By Kelly Cryderman

Read full story in the Calgary Herald and in the Vancouver Sun.


16 décembre 2010

Public supports return of bison by Rob Alexander

Read full story in the Rocky Mountain Outlook...


25 novembre 2010

"With that (Ecological Integrity) in mind, working toward the future, he said reintroduction of bison and caribou is important to Banff's ecology." Alan Latourelle, Parks Canada CEO

Read full story in the Rocky Mountain Outlook...


09 novembre 2010

Bison Belong to hold exhibit, by Corrie DiManno

Read full story in The Banff Crag & Canyon...


28 octobre 2010

New initiative supports bison return to Banff, by Rob Alexander

Read full story in the Rocky Mountain Outlook...